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Key Account Manager

Job Responsibilities

1. Assist the sales director to develop domestic or foreign markets and acquire new customers;

2. Discover and guide customer needs and expand new sales opportunities;

3. Conduct research and analysis on the market and customers, collect customer information, regularly collect and organize sales data and analyze and evaluate such data, and propose suggestions for product improvement or development;

4. Maintain regular contact and communication with customers and maintain good customer relationships;

5. Assist the sales director to meet customer needs and complete the order conversion process.


1. Cheerful, enthusiastic and proactive with a strong sense of purpose;

2. Good at interpersonal communication, with excellent communication and expression skills;

3. Able to adapt to frequent business trips and social entertainment;

4. Familiar with the knowledge and operational practice of marketing and channel marketing, preferably with Internet operation experience;

5. With the knowledge and skills of customer relationship management, customer development, negotiation ability, business discovery, etc.;

6. Highly sensitive to business, data and price;

7. Preferably familiar with the robotic vacuum cleaner industry.